Meet Julien a HODL token Dolphin

I've never sold a single token Julien

The first time I invested in crypto was on June 2nd, 2021. A few days before I accidentally stumbled upon an article on Medium, which reported about a fabulous project that I couldn't get out of my mind afterward. Said project was called HODL. Apart from the BNB, which I needed to buy HODL, this was my first crypto investment. (I can't remember the name of the article on Medium but a big thank you to the author).

So I sat down, blue-eyed as I was, and asked the search engine of my phone how I can buy Hodl. Miraculously, in a relatively short time, I managed to create an account at Binance, verify myself, download a wallet, connect to PancakeSwap, ask a lot of questions in the HODL Telegram group that were crying out to be answered by fake helpdesks and support admins AND buy a whopping 900,000 HODL for 0.00018 BNB. (On the same day I bought another 90m HODL & one day later 1.5b HODL. Already I was hooked.)

Since then my wallet has grown a lot and what started as a small shrimp has now become a stately dolphin that can proudly declare that it takes the name HODL very seriously. Not even a fraction of a HODL token that ever found its way into my wallet was ever seen in an exchange again.

So a lot has happened since June, I've bought a lot of dips, participated in a lot of competitions, even joined Twitter to shill there & always tried to help people who had questions or problems. 

When Adam asked me to write him a DM on the 17th of December, I was surprised but didn't mind. Shortly after that I was speechless, felt extremely honored & also a bit touched. Since this conversation, I may call myself mod and swing the banhammer.

The fact that I managed it with my clueless & above all thoughtless approach I managed to bypass all the scammers is really like a miracle. I have to owe that, apart from my luck certainly the outstanding work of the mods & the community which stands with the whole heart behind the project.

I am thankful for everything I was allowed to experience in this community and look forward with every fiber on everything that still lies ahead.

Join the conversation. Follow the latest news. Have fun in the community.

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