Meet Michael a $HODL Dolphin

I invest in $HODL for my family Michael

"Since the Dawn of Crypto with Bitcoin, many who missed out have sought 'the next big thing'.

Since then there has been a flood of crypto projects entering the market and people seeking the next crypto asset to invest in, which can be so daunting, but that’s where $HODL comes in. With $HODL true passive income has never been easier to obtain, and as the name suggests, holding $HODL rewards the investor. Every seven days you can claim your reward or reinvest, or even stack your BNB rewards until you wish to claim.

How does this all work? With every buy, sell, or transfer, there is a 10% tax of which 6% goes into filling the BNB reward pool, 1% goes into $HODL reflections, and a further 1% into marketing while the remaining 2% is sent to the liquidity pool.

What I enjoy about $HODL is that regardless of the market around us being up or down, I still earn my BNB rewards.

Of all the uncertainties in life, $HODL and your rewards will never be one of them. I’m currently earning $72 a month in BNB and being disabled and unable to work, nothing makes me smile more or want to reinvest in $HODL than claiming my BNB rewards. $HODL is an extra income for me and while $72 a month might not seem like much it truly is to me and it allows me to invest more frequently than I had been capable of prior to investing in $HODL.

I continue investing in $HODL to increase my stake and rewards and doing so is as easy as reinvesting my BNB rewards. You can also choose to keep your BNB or use it elsewhere but considering the benefits of $HODL, you’ll only want to reinvest in $HODL!

I’m all in on $HODL, not just for now but for the long term and the future is bright. With upcoming features like the $HODL Vault, and an ability to earn rewards in other coins besides BNB, $HODL token is the next big thing you can invest in right now."

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