HODL CEO shares objectives for 2022

Newly appointed CEO, Adam Roberts outlines the CEO objectives for 2022 to the HODL investment community:

"I have developed five objectives to act as my guiding light for the remainder of 2022 and will be working with the team to deliver on these:

Build Community Trust
Deliver consistent updates to our community via Telegram, Discord, across our social media platforms and on our website. Ensure all communications are accurate and transparent, even when we make mistakes. Provide the team with regular updates to ensure they can manage any queries from the community.

Grow the Price
Consistently deliver meaningful progress and updates. Minimize the number of over-the-counter initiatives to ensure more investment via the charts. Run more frequent buying competitions and better promote our up-trends. Ensure all chart platforms and wallets reflect accurate information to capture attention as the price fluctuates. Partner with our whales in a group-buy team to execute coordinated buys when required.

Grow the Reward Pool
Drive more trading volume by making HODL increasingly appealing as an investment option whilst ensuring our tax model and gas fees are best optimized. Promote and drive growth statistics and trends on CoinMarketCap. Optimize the contract to increase how much is in the reward pool by cutting contract costs and through smart updates designed to increase how much goes into the pool. Build new revenue streams and optimize the performance of the existing ones to deliver more revenue to the reward pool.

Gain New Investors
Deliver cost-effective marketing that demonstrates return on investment. Ensure all representation on our website, in our communities, and through social media is first-class and on-brand. Gain more buzz and hype through partnerships and with influential figures. Showcase the strengths and performance of HODL to ensure current and future investors understand its true capability.

Develop the Ecosystem
Ensure product launches are well executed with robust testing and strong marketing. Continually focus on developing best-in-class products with strong interfaces and frictionless user experience. Focus on developing new products that fit well with the existing ecosystem, are what our investors want, and demonstrate strong innovation."

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