HODL Hands NFTs to Relaunch on BSC Chain

HODL Hand NFTs on Sale at 3pm UTC - May 23, 2022

Get your BNB (Bep-20) at the ready, these NFTs are worth getting your hands on! Staking, gamification, and more coming soon. Brought to you by HODL, the original reward token.

Buy your HODL Hand NFTs from 3pm UTC on May 23, 2022 for just 0.3 BNB each. Beautiful artwork, rarity properties, and a potential for passive income unlocking earnings from HODLX.exchange  as well as HODLgames.net. Enjoy staking plus a ton of utility we're adding around gaming and boosted earnings! Don't miss out - these NFTs are coming in HOT! We are here. We are ready. We are HODL!

Visit our dedicated HODL HANDS page page to order yours using BNB Bep-20 or pay by card!

Don't forget - there are over $20,000 in prizes up for grabs if you can find a mythical superhero hand!

Hodl Hand Hunt




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