HODL Investor Update - Wed Apr 27 2022

HODL Project Update - Posted on Telegram - Wed Apr 27 2022

All taxes have been removed on reinvestments
We appreciate our re-investors so much and we believe that you should enjoy tax-free reinvestments on HODL as a way to say thank you.  When you claim your rewards as reinvestment, there will be no tax on the HODL you receive. Not only that but by encouraging reinvestments we put buys on our chart to help grow our price!

Buy tax is temporarily lowered from 10% to 5%
For the next 48 hours, we’re lowering the buy tax to allow our loyal community a discounted opportunity to grow their bags.  This is a rarity so if you’re looking to grow your bag this is a nice opportunity!

Tax on reward claims is temporarily moving from 10% to 0%
Right now with the pool being lower, the cost of transferring the BNB reward claim taxes is sometimes costing the project more to send than the BNB is worth. We want to be smarter with this feature so for now, we’re making this adjustment whilst we optimize the contract so it only sends taxes on reward claims (10%) when it's clearly profitable to do so vs the transfer costs or when the pool is bigger and rewards are higher.

We’ve dropped 5BNB into the pool to give it a boost
We’ve had a good track record of supporting the pool with infusions of BNB, however, we’re focusing on ways to grow the pool more organically and through new revenue streams so we’re making a topup along with the changes above whilst we crack on with solutions to scaling the BNB pool. *This BNB was from HODL Hands sales as intended.

We’re adding back the project funds info to our website
I believe that transparency is so important to our community so we’re added back to the website the project funds info on the homepage so you can see what is in the wallet. This is the first step I am taking to share more info on how we use funds to grow the project. There are more funds in our ecosystem and once I am fully in the role from May 9 I will be working to bring this information and those funds together for a greater display of transparency.

Buy HODL via PancakeSwap > https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x0e9766df73973abcfedde700497c57110ee5c301

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