HODL Launches Innovative Lottery Function

Thu Aug 2, 2022

HODL Burn Lottery Is Now Live!

Today saw the launch of HODL's new innovation 'Burn Lottery'! Simply Buy 7 Billion or more HODL Tokens and your address will be automatically given 1 ticket for the HODL Burn Lottery!

We've upgraded our transaction taxes to include a 1% tax on all buys, sells, and transfers, which are sent as HODL Tokens directly to the Lottery prize pool.  Each winning ticket gets 70% of the total prize pool with the odds of each ticket winning set at 2.5%!  Our contract will run a draw to check for a winner on every 7th ticket being produced (in partnership with Chainlink's VRF technology we are able to ensure accurate and fair checks take place)!

The remaining 30% of the tokens are sent directly to the burn address, aggressively deflating HODL's circulating supply.

As a bonus to the community, 1 in every 7 tickets produced will be a 'community ticket' which if it wins, sends the prize pool to all holders in the form of reflections!

Simply purchase 7 billion HODL or more via PancakeSwap or on our DEX and your ticket will show in our Telegram group!

Good luck!

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