HODL Partners with LakeView Meta

Wed Nov 2, 2022

HODL is partnering with LakeView Meta to bring $HODL, $HODLX, and HODL Hands NFTs to the metaverse!

As partners, HODL holders have some awesome perks in LakeView. Go to lakeviewmeta.com, download then extract the file, create an account and use promo code: HODL (use all CAPS).

Or you may create your account via the app at Google Play Store:

promo code: HODL (use all CAPS)


Once you have created an account you will receive:

  • Free in-game NFT car Windows & Mac OS
  • Free Treasure Hunter 1000 in-game NFT + 10 free scans
  • 10 $LV in-game tokens

Use the Treasure Hunter 1000 NFT (metal detector) to find HODL and many other LVM partner tokens buried all over LakeView-Meta

In addition, HODL and LakeView are working on a really amazing concept that's never been seen before... More details to follow soon.

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