HODL Plans its Next Stage of Growth

Fri October 28, 2022

The registration of HODL as a company is getting closer and so we're planning and implementing a series of measures to drive our next, and most important stage of growth:

> We are going to raise an investment of ~$150k by selling an equity stake in the company we form in order to fund development, marketing, professional videos, and a large infusion into the reward pool to trigger our next parabolic run.

Between now and raising this investment, to ensure we continue our strong momentum, we’re making some adjustments to generate funds organically to drive further development and growth of the project:

> The 1% tax to LP will be temporarily redirected to project funds until the investment is raised.

We are adjusting our NFT revenue distribution as follows:

  • 25% to the BNB reward pool
  • 50% to project funds
  • 15% to marketing
  • 5% to $HODL buyback
  • 5% to $HODLX buyback and burn

> An additional 10T $HODL will be sent to the marketing wallet to fund more marketing

By implementing these measures we will deliver the following to our investment community:

> Between 250 BNB and 500 BNB will be added to the reward pool

> Increase our marketing budget and have more budget for when the market recovers

> Deliver the HODL app, poker, Dashboard v2, play2earn gaming, a bridge, and fiat ramps between now and the end of March 2023

Full details of the investment opportunity in the company will be announced once the registration is complete soon.

Thank you for your continued support - the future of HODL is incredibly bright!

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