Interview with Newly Appointed CEO - Adam Roberts

Wed Apr 27 2022, 5:45pm UTC

Newly appointed HODL CEO Adam Roberts shares his vision for the future of HODL along with plans to expand its ecosystem.

How does it feel to be the new CEO of HODL?
  “It’s an honor to get this opportunity and I am grateful to Jeff for giving me this chance to be HODL's CEO. I’ve been involved in the project for the best part of a year and I care deeply about it so my main feeling is to get going, ramp up our output and get HODL back to and beyond its highs.”

What do you feel you need to focus on?  “There’s a lot to focus on and that excites me. First off, I want to move things forward faster than ever and my overriding focus will be on developing the ecosystem with world-class products and innovation - that's why my first step was to appoint Paul as our CTO. I’ve been in the community from the start so I am also aware of areas in which our investors would like to see changes and will be ramping up communication and transparency.

What can investors expect from HODL over the coming months?  “Massive progress. I’m here to get things done. A few things on the immediate list include ensuring our DEX is upgraded and all issues resolved, far more marketing with Jeff in as CMO, adding utility to our NFTs and making a lot of upgrades to our contract to make it more efficient and profitable for all investors. I also want to ensure we share more regular updates with our community and make claims easier for everyone from day one.

What message would you like to give to the community?  “First off, I believe I have a good understanding of our community as I'm in there a lot absorbing what's going on and talking with investors of all sizes. I live and breathe HODL and have a lot of ideas that I believe will be popular. For me, it's about getting things done and I'm here to work hard to reward our holders. I'm grateful to the community for their support - we all know that HODL has the capacity to change our lives - so let’s pull in together and make it happen as nothing would make me happier than to see our team and community achieve the success it deserves.

Is there any other message you want to make as the new CEO?  “As we approach HODL’s 1st anniversary I’d like to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the team behind HODL. The energy they give and the dedication they show make the project very special and it’s this passion that makes me believe in our future and the enormous potential of this incredible project.

Secondly, I want to ensure HODL is as inclusive and transparent as possible and for our effort to do the talking against the backdrop of vacuous hype that's common in crypto - HODL is so much more than just another crypto project.

Finally, I’d like to say that this is going to be a new and exciting era and if you believe in HODL then now could be the perfect time to grow your position as we are going to move quickly, with new changes going live this week!

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