SokuSwap/BNB LP is now available on The HODLX.EXCHANGE farm and, as of May 18th 2022, being rewarded at 213% APR!


What is SokuSwap?


SokuSwap is the official exchange and governance token of SokuSwap, a decentralized exchange on The Binance Smart Chain Network that uses 100% decentralized liquidity provided by individual investors. SokuSwap is directed by Rick the defi guy. Rick, who supports the creed of "Unify the defi", was also an investor in HODL as well as active in the formation of The HODLX exchange in an advisory roll.


What is HODLX?


HODLX is the exchange created by and for HODL, a reward token based on The Binance Smart Chain Network. developers created HODLX to expand upon its HODL reward token project by making more use cases available, such as staking and liquidity farming. Just like SokuSwap, HODLX also utilizes 100% decentralized liquidity provided by a dedicated community of investors like yourself.


How do I farm SokuSwap on HODLX?


HODLX is a simple Dex. 


  1. You will need some $SOKU (SokuSwap BEP20) and some $BNB (BSC BEP20) available in your crypto wallet app
  2. Type "HODLX.EXCHANGE" inside of your WEB3 wallet browser.
  3. Select the "farms" option and find the SokuSwap/BNB trading pair.
  4. Enable the contract so you can add liquidity. You should receive a SokuSwap/BNB LP token in your wallet.
  5. Return to the farm and add your LP token using the “+" and watch your crypto work for you.


It really is that easy.


- JeremyPatMartin 


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