Weekly Progress Update - Fri May 13, 2022

This week was a turbulent time in the cryptosphere with the demise of Lunna, however, here at HODL it’s been a positive week all around. Check out some of the things we’ve been up to this week (ending Fri May 13, 2022) :

  • Major contract upgrade to save investors & our reward pool significant funds
  • New case study added
  • Teamed up with some of our whales to support the chart this week
  • Redeveloped and refined our bots and Telegram commands
  • Ramped up the APRs across the board on our DEX
  • Added a SOKU/HODLX Farm to the HODLX DEX
  • Added more news items to our website
  • Made more tutorial videos for the website and in Telegram
  • Promoted HODL at the Coinstore CEX in Thailand
  • Listed HODL Hands NFTs on our NFT Debit Card Partner's website NFTPay
  • Started shipping the copper coins
  • Launched remarketing (targeting visitors to our website)
  • Ran a doxxfest on Telegram to introduce our team
  • AMA with our friends over at SOKU to promote our new SOKU/HODLX Farm
  • Started working on 3 new features and did the specs this week
  • Fixed bugs/making updates to the HODLX DEX
  • Fixed bugs/making updates to the HODL website
  • Launched our first HODL game putting us onto the road for play-to-earn and gaming revenues for our reward pool in the future
  • Added gaming to our roadmap

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