Investor roundup for the week of Jun 13 - Jun 19, 2022

  • New charity story added to website
  • LP placed into Unicrypt
  • Launched HODL NFT staking pool
  • Launched HODLX NFT staking pool
  • Ran AMA with Vulkania
  • Ran AMA with Dubai group
  • Updated website and socials for NFT staking
  • Updated project funds API on homepage to aggregate all project funds
  • Ran collaborative marketing with Vulkania
  • Updated our NFT marketplaces to promote the staking pools
  • Added HODLX to Nomics
  • NFT strategy development and team planning
  • Bug fixing & enhancements to HODL website
  • Delivered NFT Flash sale
  • Launched HODL CEO Twitter
  • Built /NFTfunds bot command for Telegram to show use of NFT funds
  • Unstacking 'proceed anyway' fix, allowing investors under gas to unstack
  • Ran NFT marketing inc. with several influencers
  • Added team to CMC, total supply API & updated info
  • NFT revenue split announcement
  • Created PDF version of whitepaper and applied to list on whitepaper.io
  • Setup HODL Medium account and added to various HODL listings online
  • Updated Facebook page
  • Videos added to website
  • CoinGecko page updated
  • Booked contract audit and KYC report for C-Suite
  • Updated 10 platforms HODL is listed on to show more accurate and up-to-date info

We've been working hard to add more offerings to our DEX to support our NFTs and sales along with marketing and a range of enhancements to the project to ensure we're ready for the market recovery/bull run. This is what's been achieved this week but there are also more great things in the works!

We have another exciting release coming this week and will continue to ramp up the marketing now our ecosystem is incredibly strong. Keep buying and HODLing, the future is bright!

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