WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Jun 20 - Jun 26, 2022)

  • KYC report completed with StaySAFU
  • Stake HODLX to earn HODL Hands NFTs pool launched
  • HODLX platform menus, headings, and icons updated
  • Reflections are now added for those stacking their rewards
  • Reduced gas fees when stacking rewards from ~$1 to ~$0.70
  • Contract updates as per audit (final report coming soon)
  • Roadmap updated to reflect new plans and progress
  • Influencer video on YouTube promoting HODL
  • HODL YouTube page updated
  • Telegram and Discord bots added/updated
  • Booked a 15-man shilling team
  • Ramped up Twitter marketing, achieving top 10 on LunarCRUSH
  • Completed Contract Audit v0 with StaySAFU
  • New videos added to the website and YouTube channel
  • CEO interview live on YouTube to refute inaccurate claims
  • CMC page updates including API circulating supply API endpoint
  • Coinstats page updated to reflect all correct information
  • Listing live on Mobula
  • Added circulating supply and MC to Nomics
  • Submitted Total/Circulating to CMC - once live will get the blue checkmark/boosted ranking
  • Launched a global Bitmedia ad campaign
  • StaySAFU page launched and all contact info/socials added
  • BscScan updates for HODL Hands & HODLX
  • Last week's roundup added to the website

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