WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Jul 11 - Jul 17)

The team at HODL has been working hard to drive product development and marketing during this bear market. This has resulted in major growth in the price of $HODL and a vibrant community. Here is the breakdown of some of the work completed during the week commencing July 11:

A big focus has been on ramping up the marketing and a big focus on major volumes of promotion on Twitter! It's worked really well helping reach new investors as reflected by our price chart!

In addition, we've worked on several new projects that have progressed really well and will be unveiled soon!

Throughout July, HODL, HODLX and NFT sales have been flying, against the backdrop of the bear market. So buckle up as the market recovers, HODL is set to fly!

Join the conversation. Follow the latest news. Have fun in the community.

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