WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Jul 25 - Aug 7)

WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Jul 25 - Aug 7)

Take a look at the key outputs from the last 2 weeks:

  • Built & launched Burn lottery
  • Added more news articles
  • Website updated (menus updated, content updated, new audit added)
  • Updated transaction taxes (6% to BNB pool, 2% reflections, 1% Burn Lottery, 1% LP)
  • Betting banners added to DEX
  • Added the last roundup to website
  • Roadmap updated
  • Lowered buy tax promotion ran
  • NFT sale ran
  • Coinvote partnership started
  • NFT prize competitions
  • Major Twitter marketing for the whole period with influencers and posts saw us in the top 10 trending every day
  • AMA ran with major updates
  • New HODLX utility built and coming soon
  • HODLX listed on CMC
  • Dedicated server setup for our Telegram bots
  • Contract update to include new security enhancements
  • StaySAFU audit updated with suggestions implemented
  • Email marketing campaigns ran
  • Coinvote newsletter to 40,000 users
  • Charity initiative ran

Over the last two weeks, we have kept up the results on social media, consistently trending in the top 10 on all fronts, and even overtaking several Billion $ Market Cap projects!

Along with this, we have made a major update to the contract, introducing the new burn lottery and enhanced transaction taxes to offer investors even more benefits.

In addition to this, we have several products in the testing phase that we've been developing over the last two weeks and hope to release this month.

Keep HODLING on as we won't stop!


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