WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Oct 10 - Oct 16)

  • Added Buy $HODLX buttons across the website
  • Telegram commands have been updated and refined
  • Telegram bots were developed, plus new ones were built and launched
  • $HODL contract gas fees reduced by over 60% - on buys, sells, transfers and claims
  • Added new Partners to the website and how we work together
  • Over 1,000 Website copy updates and adjustments to refine and update content
  • Rebuild of the About us page to reflect the growing ecosystem
  • Update of Roadmap page to include new planned items and refinement of existing plans
  • Major update of the Whitepaper page to include all the latest updates to the eceosytem
  • $HODL buy competition ran and prizes distributed
  • Built and launched reinvest into $HODLX option on the claim page
  • Reinvestments now go on the PancakeSwap chart with a 2% bonus paid in $HODL
  • Plus, new developments built and are to launch this week...

This week we worked on the biggest update to our claims page since launch by adding options to reinvest into $HODLX, which opens the door to more innovation in this area... Along with that, we delivered a huge amount of updates to our amazing website to ensure it completely aligns with how the project has evolved so that when the bull market hits, people can beautifully access clear and useful information on all parts of the HODL ecosystem and how they all work together.

We also made progress on a couple of key items which will be announced soon!

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