WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Oct 17 - Oct 23)

  • Last week's round-up added to website
  • More website content updates - hundreds of content updates in total
  • Price charts in the Telegram group switched to DexTools
  • $HODL auto-compounding pools launched on HODLX.exchange
  • Linktree rebuilt for HODL
  • A dedicated Linktree voting page was built and launched
  • More website development and design progress (new pages designed and more development)
  • Rose bot retired & new HODL bot was installed with new commands on the HODL server
  • HODL Hands promotion ran - buy 5 NFTs and get 1 free
  • Submitted application to list NFT range on Rareable

This week we launched the auto compounding pools to allow HODLERS to earn more $HODL by staking $HODL, continued with major updates to our website content, and worked on new developments (games, HODL App, HODL Dashboard v2, etc).

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