Win HODL Hands NFTs and 100 Billion HODL Tokens!

Win a HODL Hand NFT by Recording a Video

Make a video review of HODL/HODLX or HODL Hands and if we decide to use your video on our website, YouTube, or social media, we will give you one of our stunning HODL Hand NFTs!! Also, the best video as voted by our community will win a further 100 Billion HODL tokens!!!

Here are the rules:

  • Record a video promoting either HODL, HODLX or HODL Hand NFTs
  • Attach it to this competition on our announcement channel along with where you shared it online
  • Must be at least 7-minutes long
  • Can be in English or your mother-tongue
  • Use our correct branding - logos attached to the announcement on Telegram
  • Add links to our website, Linktree & a buy option if hosted on YouTube etc
  • This competition is open to the HODL team also

We will select which ones we will share (at our discretion) and contact you to send you a free HODL Hand NFT.  The competition closes at 6 pm UTC on Fri June 3rd, 2022.

Videos are another area that will help our project grow so please take part and let's take our project to the moon!

Join the conversation. Follow the latest news. Have fun in the community.

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