Why Buy Into The HODL Ecosystem - By CFO Ken Bracken

Why Buy HODL?  What makes us stand out in the Decentralized Finance (Defi) cryptocurrency space?

HODL Token was created to operate on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network over a year ago in May of 2021 as a dual-reward system offering both BNB rewards and reflections to its investors (HODLers).  It was simple and straightforward but has evolved into an amazing ecosystem with a multitude of opportunities to earn passive income.

Over the past year, the growth and accomplishments of HODL have been astounding.  There have been very successful changes in development and ownership.  This has enabled progression into our third contract which happens to be a proxy contract.  This will allow certain aspects and needs to be modified without creating a new immutable contract, meaning the need for migration is no longer an issue.  Migrating, airdrops and mass confusion tend to shroud growth when it comes to moving to a new contract within a cryptocurrency project.  HODL has solved those issues.

Ownership, C-Suite (CEO, CFO, CCO, CMO, CTO), and most team members are Doxxed and can be found on the website portal. This means there are photos, names, and some personal information about ownership and support within our HODL project. Most projects hide behind anonymity and mystery, but HODL has chosen to be open, honest, and transparent.  The team at HODL is proud of who they are!

HODL’s ecosystem and newly created Decentralized Exchange (HODLX “the simple” DEX) currently supports both HODL and HODLX project tokens and provides its own Yield Farming, Staking, HODL Hand NFTs, games, BNB earned rewards and reflection earnings.  A quick review of the roadmap on hodltoken.net shows that more development and forward progression is imminent.

HODL is listed on various Centralized Exchanges, also Coin Market Cap, CoinGecko, etc.

HODL is on a multitude of social media platforms including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube, and is always looking to expand. The main telegram group contains over 16,000 members and a BSC network search shows an excess of 25,000 wallets, which are referred to as HODLers or HODL Investors.  All-around membership continues to grow across its platforms.

Join the conversation. Follow the latest news. Have fun in the community.

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