$HODL is the longest-serving and highest paying $BNB reward token in the history of crypto, underpinned by an incredible brand and a complete passive income ecosystem.


#HODL is a passive income ecosystem built on The Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC). Our ground-breaking contract delivers a revolutionary mechanism to #BSC ecosystem: Earn sustainable $BNB and reflections just by holding. Not only that but our token is underpinned by the greatest brand name in crypto and a series of innovative products that our holders can enjoy in order to generate more passive income. At HODL we believe in a future where personal finance is more lucrative, fair, and sustainable for all. HODL is more than a token; it is a platform and community making it easy for anyone to make money by investing in cryptocurrency. Our innovative ecosystem and initiatives are strategically chosen to ensure sustainable income for our holders. Here are some of the key features of our ecosystem:

  • $BNB rewards
  • Reflections
  • Reward stacking
  • Sustainable reward pool
  • Automatic LP generation
  • Manual and automated token burns
  • Anti-dump mechanism
  • Anti-flip mechanism
  • Tax-free tokens when reinvesting
  • Upgradable proxy contract
  • Market-leading brand
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Innovative products and utility
  • NFTs sales revenue
  • NFT staking pool
  • Revenue generation from CEXs
  • Our own DEX and reward token - HODLX
  • Gaming and play-to-earn
  • Betting games with earnings to our reward pool
  • Burn Lottery
  • Our own meaningful charity

Tokens worth holding

HODL to earn. Built smart for the future, HODL is a community-driven DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). HODL is revolutionary and constantly innovating to drive more rewards and value to all holders. It was the first project to reward its holders with BNB and reflections just for holding and has set the record for the biggest payouts of all time. At the heart of $HODL is a highly-innovative smart contract which captures tax revenues from buys, sells and transfers of the token. Our sell bot liquifies these tokens converting them into BNB and then places the funds into the reward pool. By holding $HODL you can collect your share of the reward pool every 7-days and will be sent reflections throughout.

Taxes worth paying

Engineered to be sustainable and taxes you will love with each transaction; be it a buy, sell, or transfer, $HODL collects a 10% tax to fund a $BNB reward pool to sustainably grow its rewards. Our capped reward pool means your rewards are protected even if volume dips, and are amplified in times of growth. As long as you hold, you will be collecting rewards.

  • 5% of the value of all buys is sent to the $BNB reward pool. All holders can access their share of the $BNB reward pool every 7-days!
  • 2% of the value of all buys is sent to holders in the form of $HODL tokens. Reflections are sent continually, so your token balance is constantly growing!
  • 2% of the value of all buys is sent to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, increasing the price stability and ensuring that anyone who wishes to cash out can access their funds.
  • 1% Burn Lottery. Simply buy 10 Billion or more $HODL Tokens using PancakeSwap or the HODL DEX and you will see your ticket in the official HODL Telegram group! The winning ticket will receive all tokens in the lottery pool, with the remaining 30% burned, making HODL hyper-deflationary!

Investments worth reinvesting

With HODL reward or reinvest options, you have the power to make your rewards work for you; reinvest your rewards into additional $HODL, claim $BNB rewards directly back into your wallet, or request a combination of both - every 7-days.

Reward pool worth sustaining

The BNB reward pool uses an adjustable cap to ensure it is sustainable, safeguarding rewards when volume decreases and creating a sustainable and long-term source of passive income for all holders.

HODLers worth protecting

With the anti-dump mechanism, there is a maximum sell amount of 250B $HODL tokens, per address, per 24 hours in order to reduce the impact of excessive dumps and support the underlying principle of HODLing for maximum gains.

Rewards worth stacking

$HODL Stack is the market-leading reward stacking technology, allowing small investors to stack their rewards to ensure their claims exceed the network costs

Exchange worth farming

HODLX.exchange is a totally decentralized exchange with staking pools and farms where you can stake $HODL, our DEX reward token $HODLX, and earn $HODL, $HODLX, or partner tokens!

NFT’s worth minting

HODLhands are set to turn heads in the NFT space, you'll be able to stake them to earn $HODL/$HODLX, access boosted APRs, access play to earn and more! We also have mythical NFT's that we offer a one time reward for minting.

Performance worth charting

HODLdash.io dedicated dashboard is the best investor dashboard in #DeFi, allowing you to view the performance of your investment, earnings, and key project information!

Games worth playing

HODLgames.net is a simple DeFi Gaming Network integrated into the HODL Ecosystem. We are bringing fresh games in every few weeks and we have only just begun.

Odds worth betting

With HODLbet you can currently enjoy two fun games - coin toss and rangefinder - with bets available in both $HODL and our reward token $HODLX, with fees from gaming, are sent to the $BNB reward pool too! More HODLbet games are coming in the future.

Merchandise worth wearing

During the rise or the fall together we HODL! Encourage others to HODL and spread the word with a conversation starter. HODLstore.io has beautiful merchandise for all HODLers.

Coins worth collecting

-(Sorry, we are currently sold out)- Bronze, silver, or gold? Own a piece of crypto history, earn tokens, and support the community. Each beautiful first-edition physical coin purchase also earns you tax-free HODLtokens, from $2K - $10K. All funds raised support the project and the BNB rewards pools for all HODLers.

Charity worth supporting

HODLforward's mission is to help feed those in need by leveraging $HODL's passive income generation. At its heart, HODL is about community. Our rewards are rooted in the actions and choices of our community members. HODLforward is the way we can share and give back to an even larger community in need. HODL is here to stay; we built our token to bring the benefits of the blockchain and passive income to the masses. The longevity, growth, and security of our HODLers investments are at the core of all the choices we make.

Links worth visiting

White paper - https://HODLtoken.net/whitepaper

Official HODL Website - https://HODLtoken.net

Twitter - https://twitter.com/HODL_OFFICIAL

Telegram - https://t.me/HODLinvestorgroup

Safu - https://www.staysafu.org/audit/HODL

Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/HODLToken

Discord - https://discord.com/invite/D666jh5C5D

Addresses worth searching

$HODL Contract - 0x0e9766df73973abcfedde700497c57110ee5c301

$HODLX Contract - 0xAeBdbcc7d6821E3924EE5167b4138a43c19Cf681

HODLhands Contract - 0x7E82123bCb6465133D6E9E1Ad94d0115DE041b3D

Mottos worth quoting

"We are HODL"

"Financial freedom for all"

"Strength, Unity, Resistance"

"Passive income made easy"


- JeremyPatMartin

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