HODL Stack ensures all investors are able to access BNB rewards! This is a huge leap in our shared journey to financial freedom and allows us to support small investors from around the world who are looking for a project that guarantees rewards!

HODL's latest innovation allows investors to stack their rewards for any length of time to ensure small investors can build their rewards up to exceed the gas fees they pay when claiming.

We are leading the way with this innovation, developed so just a small gas fee is required to stack and unstack (just ~$0.70 to stack and $0.70 to unstack and claim).

How does reward stacking work?

  • Visit the reward claim page on HODLtoken.net
  • Connect your wallet via the BSC network
  • Once connected, select ‘Stack’ (this will stack all your HODL tokens)
  • Pay the small gas fee to activate stacking (~$1)
  • Your tokens will go to the stacking pool and you can see how many tokens you have stacked on the reward claim page (note - when stacked, tokens cannot be sold or transferred)
  • Once stacked, you can see when you started stacking and the current reward estimate
  • Once you have reached enough rewards to exceed gas (est. <$2) you can select how you want your reward using the slider (tax-free HODL, BNB, or a combination of both)
  • Pay a small gas fee of $0.80 to unstack and your reward will be sent to your wallet
  • Once unstacked your HODL tokens will appear again in your wallet
  • You can stack again at any time repeating this process above or claim on the standard claim cycle (currently 7-days)

Some useful information:

  • The minimum you can stack is 15,000,000 HODL tokens
  • You will receive reflections you've earned when you unstack/claim
  • The gas fee to stack and unstack rewards at the time of writing are both ~$1 (~$1.80 in total)
  • Claiming 100% BNB is the cheapest way to access rewards, however, reinvestment tokens are tax-free!
  • Rewards when stacking are based on how long you’ve stacked and your share of the reward pool
  • You can stack a maximum of 200 claim cycles (a claim cycle is currently 7-days so the total period you can stack for is 3 years and 10 months)
  • You can stack up to a maximum of 0.1 BNB and once this amount is reached your reward will not continue to increase
  • When you unstack, the reward cycle will start a new cycle - currently 7-days
  • If you attempt to unstack a reward that is worth less than the gas fee you will pay, you will see a warning

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  • What is HODL Stack?

    Quite simply it's the stacking of your rewards! This means that you can keep building up the rewards you earn with HODL before claiming, which is a great way to ensure your rewards exceed the network costs (gas fees) you pay when claiming.

  • Is there a maximum amount of reward I can stack?

    You can stack up to a maximum of 0.1 BNB. This feature is predominantly there to help smaller investors access rewards and if the limit was too high it could be open to abuse from large investors.

  • How long can I stack my rewards for?

    You can stack rewards for a maximum of 200 claim cycles (a claim cycle is currently 7-days so the total period you can stack for is 3 years and 10 months).

  • How much does reward stacking cost?

    You simply pay the gas fees which at the time of writing are ~$0.70 to stack and ~$0.70 to unstack/claim your stacked reward.

  • What happens to my tokens when I use reward stacking?

    When you stack your rewards, your tokens move to a reward stacking wallet until you unstack them. One HODL token will remain in your wallet to ensure we maintain our wallet holder count.

  • Can I add more tokens to what I've stacked?

    You can't add more tokens to what you've stacked for security reasons. You can buy more tokens and when you're ready to claim your reward you will need to 'unstack and collect'. Once the reward has been collected and your tokens are unstacked you can stack again to add more tokens to what you stack.

  • Can I sell or transfer tokens once they are stacked?

    You can't sell or transfer as whilst the tokens are stacked they will be inside the reward stacking wallet. However, you can unstack at any time if you wish to sell or transfer your tokens.

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