Crypto Chris wins The HODL Video Challenge!

Crypto Chris wins big HODL!


For several weeks during the month of March 2022 The HODL Community held a HODL VIDEO CHALLENGE. We had many entries but one video stood out above the rest: Crypto Chris knocked the ball out of the park with this video without a doubt. Chris takes his time explaining what HODL is, combing through the website comenting on the design, outlines the HODL Roadmap and (then current) team, and his optimistic opinions in conclusion. This video was a sturdy twenty minutes long and often displayed Crypto Chris' wit and sense of humor.


The prize Crypto Chris won was 1 BNB, and 1 Copper Hodl Coin with all of the HODL that came with it. Great job Chris. You earned it!


- JeremyPatMartin

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