Learn More About Gem Fighter

  • How Do I Start Playing Gem Fighter?

    Start your Gem Fighter journey by clicking 'Play the Beta' on the Gem Fighter page to play directly in your browser for free! Compete to earn rewards by surviving as long as possible. To boost your chances, mint Gem Fighter NFTs and enter each level with power-ups.


    Play-to-Earn is a gaming model that allows players to earn rewards, typically in the form of cryptocurrency or digital assets, by actively participating in a game. It flips the traditional gaming paradigm by allowing players to generate real-world value from their in-game activities.

  • Is Gem Fighter Free to Play?

    Yes! Gem Fighter is entirely free to play. Enhancing your gameplay with Gem Fighter NFTs is optional. All players have a chance to earn rewards by achieving high scores and ranking on the leaderboard.

  • Can I Play Without NFTs?

    Absolutely! Enjoy Gem Fighter without NFTs. Using NFTs offers a strategic advantage by enhancing your spaceship's powers. In addition, Gem Fighter NFTs offer additional perks such as staking to earn various digital assets!

  • How Do I Earn In-Game Rewards?

    Earn rewards by scoring high and climbing the leaderboards. The better your performance, the greater your rewards! Track your score and claim earnings anytime.

  • What Makes Each Game Level Unique?

    Each level in Gem Fighter is procedurally generated, ensuring a new and unique challenge and environment with every playthrough.

  • What is procedural generation?

    Procedural generation in Gem Fighter creates unique levels and enemies for each playthrough, ensuring a fresh, unpredictable gaming experience. This technology uses algorithms to dynamically generate game environments, enhancing replay value and challenge. It diverges from traditional static designs, offering an evolving, engaging adventure where no two sessions are alike. This approach keeps gameplay exciting, making every journey through Gem Fighter a distinct adventure that always feels new.

  • How Do I Use NFTs in the Game?

    Socket Gem Fighter NFTs into your spaceship for enhanced attack, defense, or spell abilities, depending on the properties of each NFT. Simply connect your software wallet and pick which NFT to use for each power!

  • Where Do the Earnings Come From?

    The earnings in Gem Fighter come from the proceeds of Gem Fighter NFT sales. 50% of these proceeds go towards buying $HODL and $HODLX tokens, which are distributed as player rewards. Additionally, 12% of proceeds contribute to the $HODL token BNB reward pool, claimable by $HODL token holders.

  • What Are the Benefits of Ranking High on the Leaderboard?

    Achieving high rankings on the Gem Fighter leaderboard brings bragging rights and rewards in $HODL and $HODLX tokens. 50% of NFT sale proceeds are used for buying back these tokens for player rewards.

  • Is There a Community or Support Forum for Players?

    Yes, join our active community on Telegram and Discord for tips, sharing experiences, and connecting with fellow players! Click the community tab on the HODL website to find those or the links in the footer.

  • Are Updates and New Features Planned?

    Certainly! We aim to release a new level every month. With each release, leaderboards reset, giving everyone a fresh chance to play Gem Fighter and earn rewards.

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