HODL Token is ‘Passive Income Made Easy’




HODL Dash is your central command, giving total transparency and access to insight on your investment plus all useful info about HODL

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6 Exchanges And COunting


Smart Buy-Back Bot

Two Way Auto Triggered Buy-Back Mechanisms to Ensure Sustainable Growth of Price & Volume Strategically. The buybacks are triggered by each eligible Sell Transations and Re-Invest call functions.

Sustainable BNB Pool

Fibonacci pools make the reward pool more sustainable. The amount of reward Distribution will increase with improving market cap and will sustain in case of volume decrease at any given time making it sustainable for long term.

Rewards & Re-Invest

Reward & Re-Investment Percentage selection to automatically Re-invest the claimed BNB into HODL or claim the BNB at 100% straight to your wallet. Chose your own Re-Invest to Reward Claim Domination!

$BNB Rewards

4% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to all $HODL holders in $BNB. Accumulate $BNB by hodling $HODL Token in your wallet!

Liquidity Pool

2% of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on Pancake Swap. Benefiting long term for $HODL holders the most!

RFI Static Rewards

2% of every transaction is taken and re distributed to all $HODL holders. The burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.


*This is a guide – rewards change based on buys, sells, transfers, volume, rewards collected and percentage holdings.



Smart Contract

Audit Report

Liquidity Locks


Live May 12 '21


Launched on PancakeSwap, reaching $230m Market cap and 100k holders within first month – establishing HODL Token as one of DeFi’s gems of 2021.



PooCoin, Bitmedia, Social Media Ads, MoonScan Promotions, Remarketing banners, infleuncer campaigns, PR and many other targeted promotions across platforms that reach the crypto community. As HODL grows we will run more offline marketing events plus billboards at some of the world’s biggest ad spots.


Parternships & Listings

Listed on CoinMarketCap, Nomics, LunarCRUSH, Blockfolio and more. Exchange listings completed with BitMart, LBank, Decoin, SafeDEX and FEGex. Targeting more Top 10 exchanges over coming weeks and months.


Magic Wheel

Spin to win with HODL Magic Wheel win up to 5 x on the HODL you play with.


Exchanges & Listings

Completed: Listed on the following exchanges – BitMart, Poocoin, FegEx, LBank, Decoin and SafeDEX. Listing live on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, LunarCRUSH and more. We will continue to add more exchanges and listings, plus optimise all listings both in terms of content and performance.

Live 22 Jul '21

Project X & HODL 2.0

Project X was a monumental upgrade to HODL with new innovation and all holders able to migrate their tokens 1:1 to HODL 2.0.

Live 20 Aug '21

HODL Store

Store launches with strong range of HODL Token merchandise and profits going back to the reward pool.

Live 11 Sep '21


HODL Dash launched as the central command for visibility into all things HODL

Sep '21 Onwards

NFT Sales

HODL Hands is  a collection of 10k unique NFTs developed by an award-winning design team, with proceeds going back to our reward and reserve pools. This is set to be the first NFT Sale on an exciting journey in the NFT space with a Marketplace being worked on in Q4 ’21.

Q4 '21


Payments card service allowing holders to make card purchases with HODL on and offline.

Q1 '22

HODL Casino

Integration with casino platform.

Q2 '22

HODL Wallet


Our main feature is being a crypto safe haven. You can invest in HODL and gain significant annual growth from reflections and earn from the daily BNB claiming as well. The main thing that distinguishes us from other projects is our amazing Grade A Team. We have about 30 people working on this project that have extreme talents in all different areas. We also have a team of 60 Developers at our disposal to build amazing products and grow the project. Our strength is at our core with the team. Features can come and go powered by small two man teams if they wanted, but our team is working on growing an organization with the main brand as HODL that will one day be a household name.

This is the bread and butter of HODL. A percentage of buys and sells go into the reward pool and are distributed to current token holders via claiming. Our mission is to grow the reward pool to a level that will be sustainable for a long period of time to provide stable, reliable, passive income for investors even during a bear market.

Our CEO Jeff Gilden and a number of the team are doxxed. We will be adding their details to the website soon along with our organisational model soon. You can see in our Telegram and Twitter updates from doxxed members of the team on a regular basis along with videos and AMAs.

We are setting up multiple streams of income that will flow back into the company. We are getting money coming from exchange volume (including Bitmart, Decoin, Lbank, FEGEx and Pancakeswap, physical coin sales, and shortly to come the NFT Sales.

No. You have a set claimable amount from the pool based on how many tokens you hold. If you miss your claim time, the BNB amount stays the same. The claim cycle resets every time you claim. So in order to maximize your return for the year, make sure to get your BNB reward as close to your claim time as possible.

You can claim the amount of the BNB based on the ratio of $HODL you hold/the total BNB pool. For example, you hold 1% of $HODL, you can withdraw 1% of the BNB reward pool.

Simply holding $HODL will earn you a share of the BNB rewards pool, proportional to the amount of $HODL you hold. You will also earn $HODL passively too from reflections, which gets put straight in your wallet.

The specific time you can claim depends on a few factors. Be aware however, that if you purchase a significant amount more $HODL than your initial purchase, your collection time will be moved back, and if you sell ALL of your $HODL and buy back in, your collection date will be pushed years out into the future. This is not a bug, it's a feature that helps prevent scalping.

If you forget to claim your BNB, do not worry. Our Fibonacci function allows you to claim the same amount every day.  You can claim any time after your claim date and time. After you claim, it will update your claim time to the next date and time that you can claim again.


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