Buying Hodl Using Pancakeswap and Trustwallet

Buying HODL using Trustwallet


00:12 Welcome to HODL Tutorials. Buying HODL using trust wallet. Select the Dapps option. We will be going to We need to change our wallet network. Select SmartChain. Select buy HODL Now You might be prompted to import token select. I understand. Select Import. We need to connect our wallet.

00:50 Select Trustwallet Select Connect. This tutorial is not financial advice. We could choose the amount of HODL we wish to purchase. But in this tutorial, we will be choosing the amount of BNB we are willing to spend, We need to set our slippage tolerance. What is slippage? Slippage is the price difference between submitting a transaction and transaction.

01:27 Confirmation price, might rise. Price might fall. What is slippage? Tolerance, slippage tolerance is a pricing difference. Setting that users are willing to accept when swapping Adjust your slippage tolerance for taxes and market conditions, More trading requires. More slippage tolerance, slippage. And tokenomics tax are not the same thing. Select the gear icon.

02:10 Next to the word swap We will be using a custom slippage tolerance of 15%. Close the settings. When you are finished Our custom slippage tolerance of 15% is confirmed Select Swap. Select Confirm swap approve, your smart contract call on Trust Wallet. Congratulations. The transaction has been submitted. You can view this transaction through the BSC scan link.

02:49 Thank you for HODLing HODL, and thank you for watching this tutorial.

- JeremyPatMartin

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