Claiming Hodl Rewards Using MetaMask Browser Extension and Ledger Hardware Wallet

Claiming Hodl Rewards Using MetaMask Browser Extension and Ledger Hardware Wallet


00:11 Welcome to Hoddle Tutorial claiming HODL Rewards using Metamask browser extension and the Ledger hardware wallet. This tutorial assumes that you have your seed phrase properly installed into your ledger wallet, that your smart chain app is properly installed on your ledger wallet with a burner account loaded into the meta mask browser extension.

00:40 First we are going to copy the HODL contract address. We need to set meta mask to the Binance Smart chain network. Select, Add Network, Adding a new network to Metamask is as easy as cut and paste. Feel free to pause this video so you can type in fields. Congratulations Metamask is now a multi-chain wallet.

01:20 It's time we connect our Ledger wallet to the metamask extension. Select the avatar. Select Connect hardware wallet. Let's connect and power up our Ledger wallet.

01:41 Entering your Ledger Wallet, pin is easy. Pushing the button on the right. Will scroll the menu upwards pushing the button on the left will scroll the menu downwards pushing both buttons, simultaneous will select the highlighted object, Choosing the X will delete your most recent selection When you are finished Select the checkmark. Select the Binance, SmartChain app scroll to the right until you find settings. Enable blind signing Scroll to the right and select back.

02:38 Select Continue, You should see your ledger in a drop-down menu, Select your ledger and then select Connect Select the account you wish to use Select unlock now that our account is signed in let's make sure that we are on the smart chain network.

03:00 We need to import HODL into our Metamask browser. Extension Paste. The HODL contract address, Select Add Custom token, select Import Tokens, You have imported HODL into your MetaMask browser extension. Select Claim. BNB Rewards.

03:25 We need to connect our wallet, Select Metamask Ensure the account you wish to use is highlighted and then select next. You are now connected to HODL. The HODL Rewards claim slider is default set at 50% total reinvest and 50% BNB Rewards. Moving the slider to the left, will increase the amount of HODL you wish to reinvest, but in this tutorial we will be claiming 100% BNB Rewards. Select Collect Rewards.

04:09 You will be prompted by your Metamask browser extension. We have already enabled blind signing, Select Confirm.

04:20 Review your transaction on your ledger hardware wallet. Make sure the amount and address are correct. You can choose between acceptance and, or reject.

04:51 Congratulations. You have successfully claimed your BNB rewards. Thank you for HODLing HODL and thank you for watching this tutorial.

- JeremyPatMartin

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