Building A Better Tomorrow with HODL Forward

HODL thinks that financial sustainability is the key to a better tomorrow, so we are working with The Swarmani Youth Welfare Organization in India to organize events to change the lives of those lacking financial sustainability.


Start Date - February 2022

Frequency - Weekly

AIM of this project: Provide assistance to financially weak people to get a basic pension from government assistance.

Target Area: Slums of an Indian city, Chandigarh, and nearby villages

Why It is important: People lacking financial sustainability do not get the benefits of the above-mentioned pension scheme because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Can not read and write (can not fill up application form)

In order to provide assistance, HODL acts as an intermediate and sponsor for The Swarmani Youth Welfare Organization for all the resources we need for events. We also use our links with government officials and with our collaboration with Government officials:

  • Mr. Varun Bainiwal ji - Assistant Labor Commissioner, Labor Department Chandigarh
  • Shri Kanwarjit Singh - Area Councilor, Village Burail, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh.

Our upcoming events in India Include setting up a health check-up camp in the slums of India in collaboration with the local government and The Swarmani Youth Welfare Organization.

We are also working and expanding our charity footprints in Nigeria as well where we started first by organizing events with a local charity to repair shoes and buy new pairs of shoes for people with financially weak backgrounds.

Our target in Nigeria is Local schools that have children from financially weak backgrounds.

The camps are organized 1-2 times in a month where we provide assistance to financially weak children by the following means:

  • Providing new pair of shoes/Clothes
  • Paying School fees
  • Basic Monthly food donation

We are organizing an event on the 26th of February 2022 where we will go and provide our assistance to school students of disabled or differently-abled status.

**If you want to be a part of our HODL forward and donate to a cause please send funds to the below address:




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