Delivering Pension Education across Slums in India

HODL Forward collaborated with a local charity in India: Swarmani Youth organization to organize an event in an Indian village where we helped connect financially poor people to government officials in order to help them to get a monthly pension from the Indian government.

"This work is very important as the financially poor are often not educated or aware of this scheme and can not fill and submit papers to government officials because most of them don’t know how to write. For those that can read and write, it will take a lot of time for them to actually receive the benefits of the scheme too."
Thakur Mani - HODL Forward Leader

So we act as an intermediary and sponsor this event in order to ensure that those who are most financially impoverished get the benefits of the scheme as soon as possible.

Interested in supporting this and other critical causes? Please donate BNB Bep-20 or HODL tokens to our official HODL Forward charity address > 0x36CD27056C81106cb049192361fd485bA6C21886

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