HODL Delivers More Financial Support Training for Those in Poverty

There are many individuals across India living in extreme poverty who don't realize that there is financial support available to them. HODL Forward (our official charitable organization), along with Swarmani Youth organization delivered one-to-one support in a slum region in India to a large group of local residents who aren't aware that they can claim government benefits. Often these individuals are both unaware of the support that is available to them and are also unable to fill in the paperwork, with many being unable to read or write. The objective of this support is to both deliver the education that they are able to access funding where they live in major financial insecurity, and if required support them in completing all the necessary documents to ensure they have every chance of being successful in their application. This support changes lives for the better amongst many incredibly poor and disadvantaged families, ensuring they have more funds to clothe, feed and support their loved ones.

Starvation in India is a major issue with reports finding up to 4,500 children die of starvation each day across the country. Support like this will help ensure more children and families access the chance to be able to beat the poverty trap they face and get vital essentials to their families and children.


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