HODL Forward Delivers Essential Supplies in Nigeria

HODL Forward continues in fulfilling its mission to feed those in need around the world through the power of passive income.

Recently, we visited two charity homes in Nigeria, distributing nutritious food and toiletries to those in need. Those who received these goods were all excited and prayed that God will continue to bless the community in all they do.

"Once again God bless you all as you continue to stretch out your hands of love to those in need."
- Onyinye Okoye, Organizer

Please help us to continue helping as many of those in need as possible by donating BNB (Bep-20) or HODL to our charity wallet: 0x36CD27056C81106cb049192361fd485bA6C21886

You can join our dedicated Telegram group, HODL Forward for the latest news and updates.

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