HODL Forward Support 7 Families in Need

Today we supported 7 families by providing enough nutritious food for a month.

Each family has severe needs:

  1. Accident case - The father fractured his hand and subsequently can't work. Unfortunately, the father is responsible for supporting his family of 4 financially so whilst he is recovering he is unable to bring in income to support them. The food we provide will ensure his wife and children are fed well for the next month.

  2. Accident case - A father of 4 had an accident that required a rod to be inserted into his leg and as a result, is unable to work. As the sole provider to his family, this is devastating and so we have ensured his family of 4 has enough food for a whole month.

  3. Divorced lady - Currently fighting a legal case with husband to get her 2 children’s back and has no financial income. HODL Forward has been able to ensure she has enough to feed herself and her children for the next month.

  4. Cancer patient - A single son with cancer that is so severe he is unable to work. Sadly his parents are too old to work and support him so there is financial security in this family and they struggle to feed themselves. HODL Forward donated one month's food to the whole family to ensure they have plenty to eat and the son receives the nutrition he needs to help fight his cancer.

  5. Widow wife - no one earning in family and no financial backup

  6. Widow wife - no one earning in family and has 2 children

  7. Rickshaw driver - Got his ribs fractured when he went to the hospital the doctor broke his shoulder bone. He is the only member of the family earning money and has his wife and 3 children to support.

Thakur Mani who helped deliver this campaign said:

For many of the families we supported today, their conditions are so bad that they cried when receiving these donations, with several of them bowing and touching our feet with tears in their eyes saying thank you over and over again - it's incredibly humbling.

I feel if we all work together we can help a lot of people with HODL Forward. There are so many people suffering like this right now and we need to make it more of a priority as a people to help those in need

If you can help, please donate to HODL Forward and thorugh the power of passive income we can keep helping people who vitally need our support.


To support, you can send BNB (Bep-20) to: 0x36CD27056C81106cb049192361fd485bA6C21886

All funds raised will be matched by HODL and converted into HODL tokens in order to provide HODL Forward an ongoing source of income to make a long-term impact on many people in need around the world.

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