Introducing Thakur - Leader of HODL Forward

"It saddens me that there are so many people around the world who do not have facilities or who can enjoy the fulfillment of very most basic human needs:

  1. A roof over their head
  2. Food to eat and feed their family
  3. Clothing to wear

I believe that if we have something which could help others and does not impact our life we should go ahead and do something for our society.

My journey of helping people started a long time back but when I started earning passive income through HODL TOKEN and got the support from the HODL management we never looked back and until now we are making donations each weekend for the last 8 months.

We have provided monthly ration/food to more than 100 families in India and a few families in Africa.
We have also provided financial help and medicines to people who needed financial help. We have organized a COVID safety camp in a slum area providing 150 Covid safety kits to people in collaboration with the local government of India.

Other than this we are working on more big events that will make the life of those who are in need better.

My best efforts as a leader of HODL FORWARD CHARITY Group will be to make an impact on the life of people and change the lives of people in need for a better tomorrow.


- Thakur Ravinder Singh, Leader of HODL Forward

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