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  • What sets HODL apart from other projects?

    HODL is a safe and stable way to generate passive income – simply hold HODL tokens and gain significant annual growth from reflections, BNB rewards, staking, farming, and more! In addition to this, HODL has unlimited brand potential and an incredibly passionate team working around the clock to deliver for our investor community. We have about 20 people working on this project and access to a large pool of development resources building products and utilities that will see us deliver huge results for our community.

  • What is the BNB reward pool?

    This is the bread and butter of HODL – BNB token rewards paid out to holders every 7-days. HODL’s reward pool is powered by transaction taxes on buys, sells, and transfers of the token, plus revenue generated from CEX/DEX listings, NFTs and more. Our sell bot converts the tokens collected from taxes and converts them to BNB before sending it on to the reward pool. The BNB in the reward pool is accessible as rewards to current token holders who claim their share via the website, every 7-days. Our mission is to grow the reward pool to a level that will be sustainable for decades to come, providing stable, reliable, passive income for our investors, even during a bear market.

  • Is the team Doxxed?

    Our CEO Adam Roberts and several of the team are doxxed. You will see in our Telegram and Twitter updates announcements from doxxed members of the team on a regular basis along with videos and AMAs. We encourage our investors to come to meet our team, and get to know us and we will show you our passion to make HODL a multi-billion-dollar organization.

  • Where do the BNB rewards come from?

    There are taxes on all transactions – be it a buy, sell or transfer, which help generate BNB funds for the reward pool. The HODL tokens taken as tax are converted into BNB buy our sell bot and automatically placed into the reward pool. In addition to the tax revenues, we are setting up multiple streams of income that flow back into the reward pool, including earnings from our exchange listings, plus NFT sales and revenue from our partnerships. We also have our own DEX with the swap fees going to the HODL BNB reward pool as another revenue source.

  • Can I stack my rewards?

    Yes, you can! With HODL Stack you can keep building up the rewards you earn with HODL before claiming, which is a great way to ensure your rewards exceed the network costs (gas fees) you pay when claiming. This is especially useful to small investors but helps all investors access more rewards with less gas fees (note - up to 0.1 BNB can be stacked)!

  • Does my BNB stack if I don't claim it?

    Your rewards don't stack by default, but you can select the option to stack your rewards up to a maximum of 0.1 BNB. By default, your rewards are claimable every 7-days on the standard claim-cycle.

  • How much BNB can I claim?

    You can claim an amount of the BNB based on the ratio of HODL you hold vs the total BNB available in the reward pool. For example, if you hold 1% of the tokens in HODL, you can claim 1% of the BNB reward pool every 7-days.

  • Does HODL have an NFT range?

    HODL has an incredible NFT range called HODL Hands which signify strength, unity and resistance through the iconic form of a clenched fist. On top of this you stake them to earn HODL or HODL and we're adding amazing utility. All sales from our NFT range go to developing the project, marketing, our reward pool and buybacks too!

  • What utility do your NFTs offer?

    You can stake our official NFT range HODL Hands via our DEX to earn HODL or HODLX! On top of these we are working on tons of amazing utility to make HODL Hands the best NFTs in DeFi!

  • How do I get BNB rewards?

    To claim your rewards, simply visit the claim page on our website, connect your wallet and select how you want to receive your rewards, be it as BNB, reinvestment into HODL, or a combination of both. Once you select your reward, the tokens and or BNB will be automatically sent to your wallet! Once collected the claim period will be reset for another 7-days.

  • What if I don’t claim my BNB rewards by the claim date?

    If you forget to claim your BNB, don’t worry - you can claim at any time after the completion of your 7-day reward cycle is complete. Once you’ve claimed, this claim cycle will reset for another 7-days from the point at which you collect, so if you want to make as many collections per year as possible, try to collect at the time your rewards become available.

  • What is the main utility of HODL?

    The primary utility of HODL is to provide passive income for its holders. HODL is the market-leading BNB reward token and is powered through smart transaction taxes, plus revenue from exchanges and our products. A regular and stable source of passive income is one of the greatest needs we all share and our utility as a token is to provide a solution to that need.

  • How can I buy HODL?

    There are several ways to buy HODL tokens, however, if you want to access the BNB rewards and reflections, the best way to buy the token is via PancakeSwap (using 14% slippage with a 10% buy tax being deducted to support the reward pool) or our own DEX - HODLX (https://hodlx.exchange). For those who prefer to purchase tokens on centralized exchanges, you can view all the exchanges we are listed on and the specifics around fees and benefits.

  • How can I sell HODL?

    Selling your tokens relates to the liquidity pool in which your tokens are held. If you have your tokens on PancakeSwap then you can swap your tokens for BNB or BUSD via PancakeSwap or our own exchange HODLX (https://hodlx.exchange). The tax on sales is 10% so you will need to apply a slippage of 14% or more (note – you will in fact incur a 10% sales tax, however, PanacakeSwap needs a higher slippage amount to process the transaction). If you hold HODL tokens on one of our exchanges, you will need to sell them on the exchange in which they are held or transfer them to a wallet like Trust Wallet or SafePal to then sell them via PancakeSwap.

  • Which exchanges is HODL listed on?

    At the time of writing, HODL is listed on 10 centralized and decentralized exchanges. You can view which exchanges and the trading fees etc on our dedicated exchanges page. By being listed on multiple exchanges, HODL can reach new audiences all around the world and generate funds through trades and taxes to help fund our BNB reward pool. HODL also has its own DEX - HODLX with staking and farming options. The other amazing thing about our DEX is that all swap fees go to our reward pool as another source of revenue for the BNB reward pool.

  • What are HODL’s growth plans?

    We have ambitious plans to make HODL a household name and change the world through our approach to passive income generation. You can view our roadmap and see all the plans, products, and utilities we have and are developing, plus our whitepaper is available to break down our innovative contract and tokenomics. Our goal is to break the $1bn Market Cap during 2022 and hold over 10,000 BNB in our reward pool at any one time. Come join us on Telegram to meet the team, hear more about our plans and access regular updates / AMAs.

  • How can I speak to a member of the team?

    Our team members are available any time of the day in our main Telegram group - so join us there and we’ll gladly answer any questions that you may have.

  • When did HODL launch?

    HODL v1 launched on 7 May 2021. The v1 contract migrated to HODL 2.0 on 22 July 2021 where there was a manual migration period of 3 months. A new leadership team took over in September 2021 and migrated all holders of HODL 2.0 on 11 Nov 2021 to an upgradable contract, with all holders of HODL 2.0 being airdropped the new token. The migration to an upgradable contract means we can further develop the contract without needing to migrate again. Our token name and ticker is ‘HODL’ and our contract address is 0x0E9766dF73973abCfEDDE700497c57110ee5c301.

  • How do I migrate previous versions of HODL?

    HODL v1 holders (launched 7 May 2021) had to manually migrate to HODL 2.0 between 22 July 2021 and September 2021. If you hold HODL v1 now, unfortunately, you are no longer able to migrate to the latest token. If you held HODL 2.0, you will have automatically been sent the new token via airdrop. If the token isn’t automatically showing in your wallet, you can manually add the new contract address and it will display. Simply add the contract address to your wallet (0x0E9766dF73973abCfEDDE700497c57110ee5c301) using 9 decimal places and if you still have any queries, you can contact one of our admins on Telegram.

  • Is HODL safe?

    HODL is a far safer cryptocurrency than the vast majority as you receive benefits simply by holding every 24 hours! Our doxxed team works around the clock to supply more revenue to fill the reward pool that fuels the sustainable passive income that you draw from as a reward. We’ve worked hard to ensure our contract is secure with excellent security ratings too!

  • Is the reward pool sustainable?

    Unlike other reward tokens, which are simply sustained by trading volume alone, HODL has established multiple revenue streams that fill the reward pool. This allows for maximum sustainability even when market conditions are bearish. HODL will still be there as a reliable source of passive income for many years to come.

  • Who is on the leadership team?

    HODL is run by CEO Adam Roberts, Chairman and CMO Jeff Gilden, CCO/CFO Ken Bracken and CTO Paul E, along with a large team of highly committed and passionate individuals who share a common goal to make passive income easy for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Adam has 15 years' experience in building start-ups and tech companies, including delivering exits to international brands like Michelin and Bookatable. Jeff has many years of management experience having run a highly successful multi-million-dollar marketing agency and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of his personal finances into HODL with a hugely passionate belief in how HODL can change the world. Ken has been in general sales and marketing after exiting the US Air Force in 1994. He was co-owner of a multimillion-dollar Communications company, worked for Lucent Technologies for a number of years, and has been trained in finance, personnel, and administrative industries for many many years. You can see our doxxed leadership including links to LinkedIn and the wider team on our team page. You can also meet the team in our official Telegram group to learn more about our plans to change the world with this project.

  • How does HODL promote itself?

    HODL runs a vast amount of targeted ads through platforms including, but not limited to, Coinzilla and Bitmedia. These platforms cover the vast majority of crypto sites online. These sites include PooCoin, BscScan, and other sites that are highly visited by crypto investors. Other efforts are made through YouTubers, Social Media outreach, Guest posts, and other various forms of online marketing including influencer marketing. One of our goals for this year is to team up with celebrities and major news outlets to reach millions of people around the world with our passive income benefits.

  • Does HODL offer gaming?

    HODL Games is a key part of our ecosystem and we will be adding NFT integration and play-to-earn options. Visit HODL Games over at https://hodlgames.net and enjoy the games we've made so far and join our community to enter gaming competitions to win NFT prizes!

  • What does HODL mean?

    HODL is cryptos biggest word and became a famous meme based on a misspelling of the word hold. The word is now used in all corners of cryptocurrency and even in trading, representing an investment philosophy – to hold on for dear life. HODLing is now seen as one of the most effective investor strategies – hold on through the ups and downs instead of responding to the inevitable ups and downs of any project.

  • Can I sell my HODL 2.0 tokens?

    HODL 2.0 holders were airdropped to the new token on a 1:1 basis. If you held HODL 2.0 in your wallet and can’t see it, simply add the new contract address and it will display. The old HODL 2.0 tokens are now useless, and you can hide them in your wallet.

  • Are there community guidelines?

    Yes, HODL has its own community guidelines and by being part of any of our communities you adhere to these guidelines. You can view the full information here > https://hodltoken.net/community-guidelines

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