• Soku Swap

    A DEX operating on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain, SokuSwap also has a governance token, SOKU, enabling you to use token purchases to influence the future of SokuSwap. Through our partnerships, HODLers are able to farm HODL in a dedicated pool to earn money from farming. This is a great option for all investors and opens up opportunities for small investors also, where their rewards are below the gas fees they pay when claiming BNB.

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  • Rhythm

    Rhythm is the bridge between music and the metaverse with plans to revolutionize music monetization by creating a tokenized music ecosystem. We've partnered to help expand HODL's reach and offer value-added music services powered by Rhythm into the HODL ecosystem.

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  • TokenPVP

    A token and gaming site operating on Binance Smart Chain. Crypto holders act as players who can use PVP token, BNB or HODL to play luck-based games to win more tokens. Using the blockchain, these lottery games cannot be manipulated, there is a guaranteed winner each round, and there is a truly random algorithm to protect players’ privacy and tokens.

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