• How to Dollar Cost Average (DCA)

    Seen as a key investment strategy by many, DCA allows you to capitalize on dips and bring your overall cost per token down to a level that often gives the best chance of the greatest returns. Learn more about how it works!

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  • A Brief History of the Word HODL

    HODL is cryptos biggest word and came from a misspelling of the word hold. It is now used in all crypto projects and has even transitioned into being used in general investment to represent a strategy to hold on for dear life in order to generate the best returns.

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  • Keanu Reeves – “I have a little HODL”

    In a recent interview promoting the release of the new Matrix movie, Keanu Reeves talks about NFTs and how he has a little HODL!

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  • The road to our upgradable contract

    HODL has held on through many phases, including ups and downs and we will be here for many generations to come. Read about our contract migrations as we arrive at an upgradable contract, allowing us to endlessly innovate.

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