Keanu Reeves – “I have a little HODL”

You've probably heard about NFTs and have an opinion about them, but if not, here is a quick explanation; the non-fungible tokens allow users to possess rare digital artifacts through the blockchain network that supports cryptocurrencies.

During a recent interview with The Verge, the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves expressed some disbelief about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while discussing the upcoming Matrix NFTs from Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures has been engaged in the crypto area, launching a series of 100,000 NFTs to promote the movie's launch in November. The NFTs are Matrix-themed avatars, and they are being sold for $50 per token. Each one gives the holders the chance to choose between taking the red or blue pill, mirroring one of the film's most significant moments.

"I have a little HODL." - Keanu Reeves

It all began when Alex Heath asked the actors if any of them was "into cryptocurrency personally," and Keanu said a friend bought him some a while ago, but he hasn't used it yet. The interviewer explained that this action is called a HODL, and Reeves replied, "I have a little HODL." The actor also expressed his thoughts about NFTs, pointing out that even though they cannot be copied, someone can easily reproduce them.

He is not against decentralized technologies like crypto or metaverse, but thinks that Facebook did not come up with the concept. He says that the whole idea is way older. As a matter of fact, the term "metaverse" was initially created back in the 1990s in a piece by Neal Stephenson called "Snow Crash."

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