The road to our upgradable contract

Phase 1 was migrating from V1 to HODL 2.0. This was done by the previous developer in an effort to upgrade certain things on the contract. It was announced to the community that migration would be open for only 3 days. When the 3 day time period ended, the previous developer generously opened migration for another 3 months then he decided to close the migration since it was a security risk staying open any longer after sufficient time had been given.

After migration closed 3 months later, an offer was made to give HODL 2.0, the new contract, to the current team under the leadership of the newly appointed CEO Jeff Gilden in exchange for keeping the V1 contract and all of its liquidity, holders, code, and everything to do with HODL V1. HODL V1 still existed at the time with it’s own liquidity, own holders, own trading pairs and everything that a live project has to make it function. This was and is the property and under the ownership of the previous developer. HODL 2.0 shifted to the new team. HODL V1 stayed with the current developer. The team that took over HODL 2.0 had no access to version 1 or anything tied to it since it was still owned by the previous developer.

After a month or so had passed, the new HODL team and leadership decided to embark on creating a new proxy contract that would protect its holders from any exploits or individuals trying to harm the project. With this migration, trading was stopped and every holder of HODL 2.0, was automatically migrated to the hew contract HODL leaving no one behind like the previous developer did. We saw this migration as a necessary step towards the thriving future of HODL which will become the #1 brand in DeFi.

The Contract Team was formed to further optimize the functions of the contract and to integrate innovative new technologies both now and in the future. The purpose of this team is to identify and strengthen areas of weakness within the contract and optimize functions leading to a potentially higher ROI for investors.

As we see projects crumbling around us, we will HODL and emerge to become the strongest organization crypto has ever seen. Bare with us through these times of evolution for our project becoming stronger and stronger claiming our name in history.

#HODL #HODLtoken #HoldOnForDearLife

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