AMA to Promote the Launch of HODL's Stake for NFT Pool

One of the core values of HODL is Innovation, and today saw the release of a highly-innovative way for HODLX investors to earn our NFTs - HODL Hands.

How it works

Stake HODLX to Earn NFTs on the HODL DEX

  • To go ahead, connect your wallet to enable the contract, paying a small gas fee
  • You can then select how much HODLX you wish to stake (note - there is no risk with staking, you will get your tokens back)
  • You then confirm the deposit of these tokens and they will be sent to the staking pool and you will see a counter of how many NFTs you have earned!
  • Once you've earned an NFT (e.g. 1.00) you can withdraw it using the harvest button! If you have earned under a whole NFT you can pay the balance in BNB to access it!

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