Claiming HODL rewards using Coinbase Mobile App

Claiming HODL rewards using Coinbase Mobile App


00:12 Welcome to HODL Tutorial. Claiming HODL Rewards using Coinbase mobile app. Go to Settings. Choose default network. We are going to switch from Ethereum network to Binance smart chain.

00:30 Let's go to our DApp Browser and input into the address bar. Select claim BNB rewards. We need to connect our wallet, Select MetaMask

00:50 The HODL Rewards claim slider is default set at 50% reinvest HODL and 50% BNB reward. In this tutorial, we will be claiming 100% B&B Rewards. Select Collect Rewards. Confirm payment on the Binance Smart chain.

01:11 Congratulations. You have successfully claimed your BNB rewards. Thank you for HODLing HODL, and thank you for watching this tutorial.

- JeremyPatMartin

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