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HODLX Exchange is a simple, 100% decentralized exchange by HODL to increase passive income for it's users. The word "HODLX" means two distinct things:


  1. HODLX is a compound word for "The HODLX Exchange" and is the name of Hodl's official exchange.
  2. HODLX is the name for HODLX's official exchange token.


The HODLX Exchange performs its DeFi trading protocol duties upon The Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC BEP20)




The Swap page of HODLX has the simple swap user interface available for mobile users with an added HODLX Exchange Token price ticker for desktop browser users.  The HODLX swap page is set to be the default landing page as well as also preset to quick buy HODL, the original reward token, for maximum convenience for current and beginner HODLers.


As of the date of this post, HODLX Exchange currently supports translating these languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese/Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.


As of the date of this post, HODLX Exchange currently supports these cryptocurrency wallet apps: WalletConnect, Metamask, Trust Wallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, Binance Chain, SafePal, Coin98, and Blocto.  If you do not understand how to connect a wallet then walkthroughs are provided.




HODLX Exchange is proud that its liquidity is 100% decentralized and all provided by users like us who wish to support the project as well as gain rewards. A decentralized liquidity pool means there are no centralized points of failure for The HODLX Exchange.  User provide liquidity and users get rewarded. It really is that simple. Choose two tokens that are currently accepted by HODLX Exchange and upload them both to the exchange. You will receive an amount of LP tokens comparable to the trading pairs you have provided for the exchange. Hang on to these tokens for now because later we are going to farm them for rewards!




Are you tired of just being a boring old token holder? Want a little more action in your life on the Smartchain? Become the market by providing and farming liquidity on The HODLX Exchange! This page is where all of the accepted liquidity trading pairs can be farmed. Simply enable the contract that you hold LP tokens for and then upload them to The HODLX Exchange Farms. The Annual Percentage Rates (APR's) are subject to changes, supply, and demand.  Select harvest when you wish to collect your rewards. You can stop farming anytime you wish.




Do you prefer a good APR with low risk? The HODLX Exchange staking pools are exactly what you are looking for! Enable the contract for the token you wish to stake and upload as much of that token you wish to stake on the exchange. Harvest your rewards whenever you wish and remove your stake whenever you are through. Some staking pools might have minimum requirements to be met before you can harvest rewards or unstake so be sure to read all the information on the stake you enable.




HODLX Exchange even has special staking pools for project tokens and items such as HODL, HODLX, and HODL Hands NFT's. All of these are HODL's current in-house crypto items. Stake your HODLX to earn HODL Hands NFT's! That's correct! You can earn NFT's by staking The HODLX Exchange Token! You can also stake your HODLX for more HODL. More rewards, more rewards, more rewards!




"What was that?!" you asked? "I can stake NFT's for crypto rewards?!". YES YOU CAN! The creators of HODL, the original reward coin, know how much people love rewards and passive income that they even turned their HODL Hands NFT collection into reward earning items that you can stake! OUTSTANDING! You can currently earn either HODL or HODLX tokens as rewards. You can take that HODLX earned from your staked HODL Hands NFT's and stake them on the Earn page to earn more HODL Hand NFT's and create a perpetual HODLX/HODL Hands making machine!




Sharing is caring and sharing this referral link will not only introduce a friend to the joys of The HODLX Exchange, but also gain you an extra 1% earning of HODLX based on your friends earnings. You can make money while you sleep just for inviting friends to HODLX!



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