Play to Earn Gaming coming to HODL

Tue Nov 15, 2022, 7 pm UTC

Watch HODL CEO, Adam and HODL's game developer Marius discuss plans to bring a range of play-to-earn games and gaming innovations to the HODL ecosystem. The roadmap for play to earn gaming includes:

  • The four current games on will be developed further with new features and general gameplay improvements. In addition, leaderboards will be added to every game acting as the basis of play to earn with users earning based on their positions on the leaderboard. All users will be able to play and enjoy the games, however, those with HODL Hands NFT will earn higher amounts of earnings.

  • A play to earn solitaire game will be delivered with greater rewards for HODL Hands NFT holders. Plans for a unique visual include custom HODL playing cards with HODL Hands imagery included.

  • A large-scale game will be developed using procedurally-generated levels meaning that every level and time the level is loaded will be unique. The game will be a side-scrolling space shooter with HODL Hands NFTs bringing additional value to the game and advancing weaponry and defensive attributes in the game.

  • Finally, HODL will be developing a poker game - Texas HODL, and HODL Hands NFT holders will get additional in-game benefits.

HODL Hands NFTs already carry great utility in that they can be staked to earn $HODL and $HODLX along with giving users access to specialist auto-compounding pools. The addition of an extensive play to earn roadmap will take these amazing NFTs to new heights making them some of the most innovative in the space.

Visit the NFT page to buy your HODL Hands NFTs and be in with a chance of winning up to $10,000 in prizes!

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